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Virtual Office Service


Our Virtual Office service provides you with a local point of contact in Loulé for your customers and all the benefits of a permanent office without the need to actually be there.
Our professional support team will answer your phone calls, handle your mail and faxes and relay messages to you within minutes, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

The Virtual Office service is ideal for:
- People who often travel and therefore do not have the need for physical office space
- Individuals that work from home but require a town identity
- Those who require an office identity but do not have the budget for a physical office
- New business start-ups who wish to test a new market and cannot yet justify the cost of setting up a permanent office.

Don't want to use your home address for your Portuguese correspondence? No problem, use our high street address in Loulé and have your mail professionally treated and translated by our staff and forwarded to wherever you prefer. Let our team take care of the details and stop worrying about delays, penalties and other potential costs for not having your mail sorted in Portugal.

Alconta flexible plans allow us to accommodate your needs. Our attractive office services will make your life easier:

- Telephone Answering
- Messages service
- Fax
- Mail Handling
- Administrative Services
- Meeting Room

Alconta Virtual Office Service will allow you to have all the facilities of a traditional office without spending any capital, since you don’t have to invest in staff salaries, office rent, insurances and equipment, allowing you to save 70% to 90% of the original investment.
All our services can be provided “à La Carte”.

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