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Alconta will simplify for life!


Alconta is a Portuguese company with professional and fluent English speaking staff, located in Loulé in the Algarve. Our core business is to help non resident clients, small businesses or resident ex-patriots who find Portuguese tax code confusing. All aspects of client’s tax will be held in strict confidence throughout the year, clients can discuss with us all matters relating to their personal taxation affairs, without extra charge. Alconta will make your life in Portugal as pleasant and relaxed as it should be. Fiscal matters needn’t be taxing.
Alconta will simplify for life!
In today´s already complicated market we at Alconta also emphasize the slogan “paying less is better than more”, what does not mean that you´ll get less service, totally the opposite. Excellent service for a very competitive price!

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Our Services


Alconta Fiscal Representation Service will help you to understand and guide you through the Portuguese Tax legislation. Our staff will keep you informed at all times of your fiscal obligation as well as any alteration of the law that might occur.


As much as you try to shun it, tax is one monster from whose clutches you cannot escape. So, rather than trying to escape it, the best strategy would be to tackle it tactfully. And we at Alconta are here to aid you in just that!


We have an experienced team of OCC (Portuguese Chartered Accountants) and accounting personnel to efficiently manage your accounting processes. We offer you the choice to leverage their knowledge of best practices and accounting standards.


Our Virtual Office service provides you with a local point of contact in Loulé for your customers and all the benefits of a permanent office without the need to actually be there.

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